How the Beloved T-shirt Has Shifted with Time

The basic tee entered as underwear in the late 19th century. Then about 3 decades later it became a part of the US armed forces’ uniform. In the 1950s and 60s famous Hollywood icons wore the t-shirt and it became popular as an outer garment. Custom shirt printing became popular and printing techniques evolved too. Here is a look at this simple piece of clothing in the 70s and 80s and how powerful printed messages and designs came to be. This garment should not be underestimated.

Tracking into the 70s

During this decade of hippies and flower power, t-shirts became a way people expressed themselves and their individuality. It was also a way to express their political standpoints, promoting peace and related concepts. More people wore band t-shirts to show their support and screen custom shirt printing meant that was affordable to produce. More versatility came in the types of t-shirts that were popular and graphic tees became a much-loved staple in many people’s wardrobes.

Tracking into the 80s

During the 80s the tie-dyed t-shirt became hugely popular. With huge music icons like Prince and Madonna helping they became a symbol of autonomy. Often put with a leather jacket and ripped jeans a similar trend remains popular today. People are also experimenting more with how much a t-shirt can be dressed up or down depending on what is worn with it.

Garment printing and the power of printed messaging

The t-shirt has been around for over a hundred years and has moved from being underwear to something people in many countries wear often. In the 70s with the boost in popularity of graphic tees, Singapore shirt printing became more prevalent. As a way to express yourself, as a way to share art, and also as an opportunity for branding. 

Techniques in garment printing have changed and improved too. Screen printing has been around for hundreds of years, but other options are out there like heat transfer printing, and the most recent development, DTG printing. Screen printing is great for simple designs, bold colors but kept to under a handful and is affordable. DTG is great for highly detailed images like photographs and can do multiple colors but is more expensive. All options have their own advantages when it comes to Singapore shirt printing.


The t-shirt was once a basic white shirt to be worn underneath other clothing. It has come a long way over the many decades it has been around. There has been a lot of exciting innovation. Not only with t-shirts but also with printing methods used on them. Advancements means you can print all kinds of artwork, slogans, logos and images onto a t-shirt to customize it. But there are all kinds of designs now to reflect cultural ideas, social opinions or political thoughts. They can also be a way to have some fun. You can buy t-shirts of all kinds of brands or you can design your own.


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