How to surprise guests with a secret wedding photo booth?

Photo booths at weddings have become wildly popular over the past decade. They provide nonstop entertainment for guests, capture candid moments, and give couples a visual guestbook to reminisce over later. If you want to add an extra element of surprise for guests, consider planning a secret photo booth reveal.

An old hotel bar nook, coat check corner, valet station, fireplace lounge, or vacant ballroom perfectly masks mysterious construction. Look for functional spaces lacking obvious purposes during your venue walkthroughs. If possible, choose an area near active guest zones for effortless reveal unveiling access later like a quick hallway jaunt over. The juxtaposition of a lively room nearby plays up the hidden aspect before showtime.

Schedule strategically

Don’t hide your photo booth intentions from select vendors like your photographer, planner, or decor team. A discreet setup requires strategizing and cooperation. Provide detailed area dimensions to rental companies or hire booth operators early and emphasize keeping deliveries, equipment hauling, and set up very hush-hush. Schedule all covert construction and decor far in advance of guest arrivals. For maximum awe factor, reveal the photo booth space at a reception transition point prone to boredom like following lengthy meal courses or just before cake cutting when energy lulls. The surprise unveiling then instantly reinvigorates the room as a bright, shiny new attraction.

Use coded language   

When describing plans to family members inclined to spread exciting secrets accidentally, use coded “Project Surprise” language devoid of photo booth mention when discussing staging schedules or supplier roles. Simply tease a highly confidential unveiling experience imminent. It forces them to connect disparate dots on their own later. If hiring a decor team to furnish the hidden space, provide inspirational photos with euphemisms, when conveying your vision. Consistent treats keep vendors, family, and wedding party members guessing until you pull back the curtain. 

Make a grand entrance

Stage an official “reveal moment” following dinner service or mid-reception by having the newly married couple sneak away briefly for a quick change into fun new attire like customized baseball jerseys, fluorescent sunglasses, or light-up party gear. Then have the DJ or emcee formally announce they have many surprises in store requesting everyone follow them to the hidden venue area for something extra special. As the couple reaches the concealed lounge doors, they’ll fling them open wide to welcoming upbeat music, props flying, and the bright photo booth illuminated inside! Voila! Lead everyone into the action-packed scene already underway for an instant atmosphere.

Amusing teaser props 

Provide small silver buckets filled with sampling prop teases at each guest’s dinner table setting. Distribute select silly mustaches, mini cowboy hats, and glamorous boas so friends model fun chaotic combinations returning to tables post-reveal excited for their turn with full prop ensembles inside the booth. Visible fun reminders build anticipation.

Photo teaser table numbers 

Assign themed table numbers featuring various exaggerated photo booth poses numbering tables. For example, Table 1 shows curious guests peeking into the striped curtain pulled back with a giant question mark on top, while Table 10 displays a vintage camera with a quirky string of photo booth photo strips fanning out beneath numbered tickets. Visible vignettes depict clues prompting more guesses. The starting price for a wedding photo booth on snap-booth typically varies depending on the package you choose and the duration of service.

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