What Is So Special About Rolex Submariner

We all need a watch that can tell us an accurate time. But sometimes we require more than time. It should be long-lasting and must have a brand image. To fulfil all these expectations, you can purchase the Rolex submariner. It is a watch that works perfectly when you have to tell the time. At the same time, it maintains beauty even in the hottest environment.

The Special Features Of A Submariner

The oyster steel watch belongs to the 904l Steel family. Due to this reason, resist the quotation while acquiring an exceptional sheen when you polish it. This material is especially used in any high technology, chemical and aerospace industry. At the same time, the anti-corrosion properties make it sturdy and durable.

Some people may even wonder why you have to buy a Rolex submariner (ทำไมต้องซื้อ Rolex Submariner, which is the term in Thai). The simple answer to this would be due to its functionality, robustness and reliability. The watch will guarantee you the benefits of being waterproof. 100m, it will be able to provide high-precision movement. The engineering of the watch provides optimal protection from water, pressure, dust and shocks. The best part is that the presence of a triplock winding crown screws down securely against the case, helping to provide watertight security.

The Direction Of The Watch

The submariner has a unidirectional rotatable bezel that comes with knurled edges. It offers excellent grip when the user tries to set the dive time. The Croma light luminous capsule on the zero marker makes it glow even in dark underwater environments. The aesthetic and design of the watch make it comfortable yet robust. The incorporation of an oyster lock safety clasp prevents accidental opening. At the same time, the extension system helps fine adjustments of the bracelet. You can wear it comfortably without the requirement of tools. You can also use the watch over a diving suit.

In Conclusion

Over the years, the Rolex submariner has changed a lot. Previously it was created for diving and other water exploration. But if you look for a present Rolex submariner, it can be equally advantageous when you use it at home. People from every sector, including athletes, artists and even filmmakers, are using the Rolex submariner. The waterproofness of the watch equally improved over time. The present model ensures better creep even with diving gloves on. So next time you want to purchase a luxurious watch, you must also look for its functionalities. Nothing would be better than a Rolex Submariner.

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