Top 4 Rolex Female Watches Model For Upcoming Events

Are you looking for a Rolex watch for the upcoming birthday party? Let’s look at our top 4 models of Rolex watches for females. You can get more information about Rolex Ladies protection from  Hopefully, you can find the suitable one that best flaunts your style.

1.   Ladies Oyster Perpetual

The Oyster Perpetual is one of the most common and popular models of Rolex watches. However, you can find many models in dial tone combinations, and the oyster steel is the most beautiful in the series. In 2020, the 26mm Oyster Perpetual was discontinued, and the company has introduced 28mm and 31mm watches. For larger models, you can also choose between 36mm and 41mm. The vintage models are available in 24mm and 26mm.

2.   Lady Datejust

Rolex introduced lady Datejust in 1957, the smaller version of Datejust. Firstly, it was raised in a 26mm case, and then the model gets innovative with the attractive 28mm case. The case materials of this watch include spectrum in steel, two times, yellow gold, white gold, everose gold, etc. You will get the bracelet in Jubilee style or oyster.

3.   Rolex Yacht-Master 37

The Rolex Yacht-Master was first introduced in 1992. Some of the incredible features of Rolex Yacht-Master 37 include a rotating outer bezel. The quality is helpfully applicable for elite sailors to calculate their distance between two different points in the sea. The model comes up with fantastic everose gold and chocolate brown dials.

4.   Rolex Ladies Daytona Model

At first, the Daytona was released as a gentleman’s watch with several white gold iterations. With a fantastic dial coupled with a leather bracelet, the timepiece looks stylish and attractive. The model is available in several assorted colours like pink, yellow, green, etc. The watch is still famous to people who love the sporty poke in the contemporary models.


All these are the fantastic female Rolex watch models you can buy in 2023. After purchasing them, you have to take proper maintenance and care to make them work optimally. It would help if you also made an effort to learn how you can maintain its overall beauty. Without proper cleaning, dirt accumulates in some watch components, leading to poor performance. Before cleaning, you should ensure that the dial is sealed tightly. Whether the Rolex watch is a gift from your loved one or you purchase it yourself, don’t miss to follow the proper maintenance tips of your eyes.

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