Important Tips on Buying Diamond Wedding Rings

Wedding rings tend to be an integral part of most wedding ceremonies so one cannot compromise on its quality. To make sure everything is in line, one needs to do a proper research before purchasing the ring. However, despite that, people commit mistakes and buy the wrong product. So here are our tips to buying the best diamond wedding rings.

Know the 4C’s

It is imperative to know about the 4C’s before purchasing a diamond ring. It is the color, clarity, cut and carat weight. Color is graded on a D-to-Z scale where the D diamond is completely colorless and the Z diamond has a light yellow or a brown color. The clarity of the diamond refers to its internal features where there might be presence of inclusions and blemishes. The cut of the diamond determines how well it will be interacting with the light and the carat weight determines the apparent size of the stone. Upon understanding this, you can prioritize your C and pick the ring based on it.

Know the shapes and cuts

Before you start shopping for your wedding rings, you should clearly know the differences between the shapes and cutting styles of the diamonds. Shapes describe the outline of the diamonds ,and the most popular shape is round while the cutting style describes how the stone’s facets are arranged, and the most popular ones are the princess cut and marquise cut.

Look under different lighting

One must view the diamonds under different lighting like the daylight, fluorescent light and spot lighting. Many jewelers use white spot lighting, which helps to bring out the fine brilliance of the stone.

Pick a metal for the band

There are multiple metal options available in a diamond ring. The popular ones include yellow gold, rose gold, white gold and platinum. Gold and platinum are the most popular ones and have very different characteristics, which can even change the appearance of the stone. 

Know the styles

You must know the style that you want to wear. It can be vintage, Bohemian, modern, timeless or romantic. Whatever it is, it should match your taste and personality well. You can also add your personal touches to your chosen ring to make it stand-out. 

Use these tips to pick the best ring from the Faith Wedding Rings collection that feature some of the best styles and patterns. 

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