Yeezys: Brightening and Preventing Yellow Soles.

The majority of Yeezy Boost 350 v2 Synth Reflective have translucent soles that resemble ice or “icy” soles. These soles eventually oxidize, which results in their yellowing. This occurs when the material in your sole reacts to repeated exposure to the elements, especially air. 

How to brighten soles is as follows:

  1. Spot-brighten the sole, being careful to keep the uppers out of the process:

– this might be cream with hydrogen peroxide (any hair product used for bleaching)

– a mixture for brightening (baking soda x ordinary hydrogen peroxide solution)

  1. Clingwrap the affected area.
  2. Let the soles sit in the sun for at least an hour.
  3. Remove the wrap and wash the soles.
  4. If required, repeat steps 1 through 4.

Be aware that over-brightening shoes can result in the soles separating, so be careful not to do it too much.

You can also choose to use a sole protector product, which is applied to the bottom of your shoes and resembles a clear, translucent cling film, to stop soles from fading. To prevent humidity from damaging your Yeezys, store silica gel packets in your shoe boxes.

Air Drying

In a cool, dry area, air dry the Yeezys, sneaker inserts, and laces.

Cleaning, Keeping, and Storing – Reinstall the inserts and fasten the laces on the shoes.

– Spray some antiseptic inside the shoes.

– Place your Yeezys in shoe bags after inserting shoe trees (zip lock bags are okay too).

– Spray the area with a weatherproofing agent. Let it dry a little by air.

– Before putting your sneakers away, if you’re not using zip lock bags, put silica gel packets inside the shoebox.

– The box paper that came with the shoes should be thrown away because it contains acids that can harm your shoes.

Special sneaker cleaning guidelines for yeezys based on the material

  1. Primeknits

Your Yeezy 350s need gentler cleaning than most canvas or leather sneakers because they are primarily made of woven yarn.

The same cleaning procedures apply to the Yeezys 350, Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Zebra, Yeezy 350 Turtledove, and Yeezy 380 Alien. Always scrub your uppers in a single direction to avoid catching the knit.

Primeknits that are White or Black, however, require special attention to prevent the White from turning Yellow and the All-Black Colorway from Fading.

All sneakers, regardless of color or pattern, must be kept in direct sunlight to prevent fading or turning whites yellow. White sneakers will need regular brightening, and black soles will occasionally need to be repainted if you want the results to be in mint condition.

  1. Mixed materials.

The care of suede and leather is included in the cleaning instructions for the Yeezys 500 and 700, as well as any subsequent iterations and colorways.

Use a high-quality shoe cleaning kit that is also safe for suede and leather. After cleaning, suede will also require dry brushing to restore its soft, diaper-like texture.

  1. Leather.

You should occasionally use a leather conditioner if you own the minimalist Yeezy Powerphase, which appears to be an all-leather low top. This shoe care item prevents leather from cracking and drying out.


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