Some popular straight wigs

Findingdream provide different kinds of straight wigs,which contains silky straight, yaki straight and kinky straight wigs.This article will introduce these types of straight wigs,if you like smooth hair,you can choose silky straight wigs,if you prefer coarse feeling, you can choose yaki or kinky straight wigs.welcome to visit more at Findingdream wigs shop online.

 Straight Wigs Texture

Straight wigs contains silky straight,yaki straight and kinky straight. The three kinds of straight offer different touch feeling from silky, light yaki to coarse. This gives a wide range choice for women to choose from. The silky straight wig is the most popular one, a small part of women prefer the yaki or kinky straight texture wigs.

Straight Human Hair Wigs Colors

We offer straight wigs in various colors ranging from black, dark brown, chocolate brown, reddish brown, auburn, blonde to colorful options. We also accept customized color wigs, if you don’t find the right color from our online shop, you can place a custom order by providing the desired wig picture.

Straight Hair Wigs in Stock

We have over 1000 sets of straight wigs in stock. We can create different styles and colors based on the straight hair wigs. Our large stock of wigs ensures that we can process and ship orders quickly after you place an order.If you prefer long hair wigs,highly recommend the 26 inch wigs,visit here

Yaki Human Hair Wigs

Yaki hair wigs is one of the popular choices for African American women. Yaki texture is similar to kinky straight but with a smaller texture. It also closely resembles the natural hair of African American women, making it a preferred option. This similarity to their natural hair is why they like it.

Yaki human hair wig has a slightly coarse texture, feeling straight like steel. This texture is also known as the steel texture. If you are looking to change your look from silky straight hair, trying a yaki wig is the perfect choice.

We offer yaki hair wigs in lengths ranging from 10 inch to 24 inch for you to choose from. Short yaki wigs are more popular for women. You can also choose between a yaki lace front wig and a yaki full lace wig depending on your preference.


Don’t restyle it to other hair textures such as wavy, curly, or silky straight.

Don’t dye it to other colors; it will harm the hair quality and make it more prone to breakage.

Kinky Straight Wigs Texture

Kinky straight wigs have a coarse texture, giving them a rough feeling. People also refer to them as coarse yaki wigs. They give coarser feeling compared to yaki wigs, and they create a higher volume of hair while feeling light weight.

Kinky Straight Wigs Material

We choose human remy hair as material to make the kinky straight wigs,only high quality hair can be made the kinky straight texture and keep it in good condition. It is easy to break if using thin or low quality hair.

Kinky Straight Human Hair Wigs Length

Findingdream provides kinky straight human hair wigs in various lengths from short to long. If you prefer short wigs, you can choose the 10-inch kinky straight wig. For a medium length, consider the 14-20 inch kinky straight lace wigs. If you prefer long wigs, the 20-24 inch kinky hair wigs are a good option.

Kinky Straight Hair Wigs in Fashion World

Lots of Black women like the kinky straight wigs so much,The coarse yaki texture can complement their natural hair and style very much, making them big fans of the kinky straight texture in both hair and wigs.

Kinky straight is one of the most popular hair textures, found in fashion hair books, pictures, and videos. Hair is a crucial fashion element in the fashion world, and the kinky straight texture is a popular hairstyle in the hair industry.

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